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If you look at most digital marketing companies, they’re all offering the same services and getting the same lack of results for their clients. Usual Suspects prides itself on not being like all the other guys.

We’ve redesigned the marketing experience using new creative methods, data-driven planning, and thinking outside the box mentalities. Our services are unique, and you can order them separately or let us design an overall plan that includes several aspects targeted for your company and customers.

Join the Digital Revolution

Twenty years ago, “smartphones” had basic browsers that could check email but try to surf the web and prepare for a headache. When you wanted to learn something, you clicked on your Netscape browser on your Desktop and waited for the pictures to download on your 56k modem. You can probably still hear the screeching of the modem as it connected.

Fast forward today and the Internet is no longer an abstract curiosity, but a vital part of our life. It directs how we shop and how we research everything. When you have a question, you Google it. When you want to get a new pair of shoes or see what restaurants are nearby, you grab your cell phone.

Matrix Digital Revolution
Customer in Control

Customers Control the Channels

Desktop search ruled the roost for a few decades, but as cell phones and tablets became more powerful, people left the desktops in the dust and everything is done through mobile.

Usual Suspects understands that the world has changed, but many digital marketing firms are still living in the stone ages. They’re using the same techniques they did five years ago and they’re not working.

Today’s digital landscape requires digital marketing and web design that works together to create a cohesive vision for your customers. Shopping, research, and orders are no longer separate activities and are connected by their phones and their intent.

You need digital marketing services that understand your customers, understand your company, and understand how to build long-lasting relationships that have customers coming back again and again.

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