Data Measurement, Analysis, and Optimization

A proper digital marketing strategy is driven by data from various resources. It’s only through the gathering and deciphering or data that we can understand your traffic, customers, and conversions. Leave it to us to read countless pages of analytics to craft the perfect program for your website.

Analytics Strategy

Data and analytics mean nothing if you can’t take the data and create a strategy to drive customers and sales. Data is more than just numbers. It’s understanding how your customers think and feel as they shop your site and search for information.

Google Analytics Strategy
Google Analytics Implementation

Analytics Implementation

Data is only valuable if your website collects it. There are many platforms from Google Analytics, Search Console, and Google Ads to third party programs we can implement on your site to gather and analyze data.

Conversion Optimization

What do you consider a conversion? Is it when someone buys an item or fills out a contact us form? No matter the conversion, we have tools to optimize it from improving your Google Ads to website user experience.

Conversion Optimalization
Net Promoter Score NPS - promoter - detractor

Net Promotor Score

The Net Promotor Score determines overall how customers feel about shopping on your site. It’s important to know if you’re satisfying them or leaving them wishing for a better experience. We can help grow your score and keep customers happy.

Dashboarding and Reporting

We know delving into data are boring, it’s why we do it and you don’t have to. You still need to know what’s going on and have access to it if you want to use it. We can help create dashboards on our data platforms so you can take a glance at your analytics or provide regular reporting of important statistics.

Dashboarding and Reporting

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Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in our digital marketing or data analysis services. Don’t let your competition take the lead when you can have a data-driven marketing strategy.