Has Your Business used Personality Based Marketing?

DISC Personality-Based Marketing

Does it sometimes feel like the Internet is reading your mind? You’ve been thinking about a product or service and suddenly it’s showing up in ads and suggestions for you. This isn’t an accident, but the effect of personality-based marketing.

Your customers have unique likes and dislikes, so using data, personality tests, and other tools, marketers can create campaigns that connect with them. It’s not mind reading, but the scientific use of collected data and overall personality traits to laser target specific types of people.

The result is people feel as if campaigns were designed for them personally and it helps develop a relationship.

Going Beneath the Surface

Traditional marketing efforts are based on certain demographics such as age, sex, browser history, etc. This is important information, but when it comes to creating marketing campaigns, they’re only scratching the service of what people want.

Demographics are too general and you’re just as likely to connect with people that don’t want or need your product as someone that does. It shows how a person made it to their decision, but not the why. It gives marketers a treasure map without telling us why the explorers want it in the first place.

Personality based marketing goes far beneath the surface to determine why people think or feel a certain way. Once you know that, you can create a campaign that fits them better. It delves into the individual and not the general populous.

Personality Based Marketing Shows What They Want

There’s a reason why people skip most ads in browsers and apps. They don’t want to see them. They’re more interested in watching YouTube than seeing some ad that has little to do with them.

Personality based marketing delivers ads and content that people want to see. It’s something that directly impacts them because it’s based on their personality traits. It drastically increases engagement because each page or ad resonates with the individual and not the group.

By analyzing personality traits and coupling that with online behavior, purchasing decisions, and how they engage on social media, etc., we can create marketing content that attracts extroverts or introverts and more.

Personalized Marketing Campaigns Are The Future

The key to personality-based marketing is to create a personal experience by using specific colors, pictures, and content that connects with certain types of people.

It uses personality models to segment customers in a way that makes it easier to predict their behavior. By studying these groups, we can understand what colors capture the eye of someone with an open mind or what layout impacts adventurous people.

These methods create more accurate marketing models and will be the norm in the future.

Don’t wait until your competitors have locked on to personality-based marketing. You can be head of the curve and reap the benefits now before it’s widespread. By engaging your customers, you’re driving traffic and conversions faster than traditional marketing.

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